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Who We Are

Europe Hospitality is a professional Human Resources & Recruitment firm,

Specializing in Human Resources business solutions and human capital global sourcing that offer business intelligence, interim solutions and executive search services to a global client base, with market knowledge and a worldwide network that are held in high regard by our clients.

Founded in 2005 in Austria and became one of the world's most distinctive Human Resources & Recruitment Companies. The business in Europe Hospitality was formed to focus on delivering permanent infrastructure placements to leading organizations around the world. We deliver both a retained and result orientated/contingent service for clients depending on the seniority of the position and nature of the search. We are proud to say we can tailor what we deliver based on the needs of our clients when it comes to sensitivity, unique candidates requirements, market insight and benchmarking needs.

Our support amplifies a company's potential by having a systematic process to gauge employee performance,help employees grow and manage talent. Over the years, we have acted as preferred recruitment partners to multinationals and leading business brands internationally and now facilitating Global Corporates with easy & economical solutions to complex HR practices. With our vast experience and in depth understanding of international Human Resources & Recruitment procedures, now we have proven ourselves in providing end to end Human Resources and Recruitment solutions which bridges the gap between the employer and the employee, bringing them together where we have successfully delivered work across Europe, Africa, Asia including Middle East and GCC - International Region.

All resumes, in our database, have been reviewed and reproduced in a unique format to make comparison easier. With respect to applicant in-depth interviews, comprehensive reference checks that include quality and operation style, our executive consultants are experts at the process of prescreening and selection to fit client criteria. The accuracy of our selection is proven by our enviable success rate. The resources and expertise utilized in the selection process represents a significant saving to the clients in both cost and time. Our team of professional on-board recruiters allow our clients and candidates to experience a smooth process of headhunting and placement, globally.


Become the preferred platform for our customer to discover and pursue exciting success for all parties "Win Win Situation"


Connect the World's professionals diversity network for delivering an integrated HR and recruitment solutions


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